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Veins Treated at Schick Vein Care Clinics Orange County

How are Varicose and Spider Veins Treated?

At Schick Vein Care Clinic, we have been successfully treating Varicose & Spiderveins for over 20 years, using a safe, proven procedure called Sclerotherapy. The problem veins are injected, in a curative procedure, with a sclerosing solution that irritates the vessels, causing the body to reabsorb the tissue. The varicose & spider veins are treated without the use of surgery, in our out-patient clinics. You can return to your normal activities at once.

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are the large veins that can protrude from legs or hands. Not only unattractive, varicose leg veins can also be painful or throbbing. In our clinics, we treat Varicose Veins of the legs as well as of the hands, using a time-tested injection technique that is safe and effective.


Spider veins are the small, red veins, often called "broken capillaries," that show under the skin as a spidery network of visible veins. To clear up these small, branching vein networks, we inject them with an irritant sclerosing solution, using extremely small needles. Two, or perhaps three, sessions are usually scheduled, and afterwards the veins fade gradually.

Hand Veins

Hand Veins that bulge up above the surface of the hands can show a woman's true age. Many patients choose to have their enlarged hand veins treated for cosmetic reasons and as an anti-aging remedy, in order to gain a more youthful appearance.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

Vein Treatment consists of at least 2 to 3 separate treatment sessions, each scheduled a couple of weeks apart. Sclerotherapy works gradually; the same veins will need to be reinjected during each treatment session.

If you would like to begin right away, you will have the option of staying for your first treatment session immediately following your consultation appointment.

What to Expect After Vein Treatment

The treated areas will be covered with cotton balls and tape, which you will leave on for one to two hours. The veins will be raised, red, and tender for a few days. Over the next three to four weeks, the veins will fade or disappear.

Your second treatment appointment is typically scheduled two weeks after the first, during which the same vessels will be injected again. If needed, a third appointment will follow two weeks later. There may be some bruising, which will disappear over a period of weeks.

How to Help Healing

Walking is an excellent way to speed healing after treatment, since it facilitates blood pumping and the body's use of new vessels. Patients are usually asked to wait a week or two before doing heavy lifting or jogging, but otherwise can resume their normal activities.

Is Sclerotherapy Successful?

Yes! Most patients see a visible clearing by 60% to 90% of unwanted Varicose Veins & Spider Veins. It is a gradual process that usually requires two to three treatment appointments, during which the same veins are reinjected.

Cost of Treatment

Cost of treatment can vary, depending on the patient and how much sclerosing solution is required. Most patients require two to three Vein Treatment sessions. At your consultation, you will be given an estimate.


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